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Our team provides painting and decorating services to the domestic and commercial markets. If you are looking for a painter and decorator you have come to the right place.The services are carried out to a high standard using the best quality products available.

Our services

• Specialist finishes: decorative, plaster, kitchen, timber, ceiling, hardwood, polyurethane, wood • Floor: paint, sanding, varnish • Spray painting • Wallpaper: hanging, removing, painting, covering, stripping, lining services • Drywall repair • Hole filling • Door paint/paint stripping • Handrail painting • Window painting.

A word of advice

If you’re thinking about making some home improvements any time soon, it is a wise idea to do a bit of research into what exactly is involved. After all, a simple paint job involves a lot more than just buying a tin of paint and applying it to the walls.

Preparation is very important

The importance of preparation of the surface prior to painting cannot be over emphasised.No surface should be painted unless it is in a sound, firm, clean, dry condition and completely free from dirt, dust, oil, grease, rust and efflorescence. Special precautions should be taken during preparation of pre-1960’s paint surfaces over wood and metal as they may contain harmful lead.Heavy deposits of grease or fat can be removed by swabbing with sugar soap.

Choosing paint

When it comes to choosing paint, there are no strict rules but there are many factors to take into consideration. What kind of surface you are painting over, humidity and mould prone,what finish is more suitable,etc. Today you can choose high quality paints from various companies like Farrow & Ball,Dulux,Johnstone’s,etc.

Choosing colour

There are many ways of decorating and how you use colour is entirely down to personal preference and your desired feel for the room.The most traditional style is to use a colour on the walls and white gloss on woodwork, often the same white as that on the ceiling. This is very clean, but sometimes hard look. To soften the contrast, select a white which is more sympathetic to the colour on the walls; this will make the contrast more gradual and you become less aware of where things stop and start, so the confines of the room disappear and it will feel larger.

Problem areas

In a home,lots of problems can appear as:cracking,bleeding,efflorescence,flaking, flashing,grinning,mould etc. Dealing with this problems can be frustrating and time consuming so,having a qualified team to take care of it would be the best.